segunda-feira, 31 de janeiro de 2011

"So Do I" - ou a balada do animal abandonado...

You say you need somebody in your life
So do I, so do I

you say you wake up crying every night
So do I, so do I

To loose somebody
you build your world upon
Then you can find when they're gone

Now you feel you want to love again
So do I, so do I

You say you find it hard now to pretend
so do I, so do I

And look upon is being more than friends
So do I, so do I

Love don´t come easy belive me I should know
I´ve love and lost someone before

But if you belive in me the way that I believe in you
(Woman) nothing is gonna stop us
until we make our dreams come true

I know that you really wanna try
So do I, so do I

You may say I´m dreaming
but shouldn't the dreams come true?
Now that I´ve found someone like you
you say you got a feeling whithin love

So do I, so do I,
So do I, so do I

Paulo Gonzo, So Do I

Adoro a letra desta música. Para além de qualquer significado obvio que possa ter, pode também dar voz ao animal abandonado.

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